Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial Air Handling Systems

Commercial air handling systems are important for any type of business as it provides and maintains a comfortable working environment for everyone on site.

Commercial HVAC Systems

Much like medical air conditioning, commercial HVAC systems must be carefully designed, manufactured, and installed to ensure that the maximum requirements for heating and cooling the building and individual rooms or areas are met. This requires skill as well as technical knowledge and experience in the field as there are numerous variables to consider.

Some of these variables include the size of the building, how many staff are on site, how many rooms need to be serviced, the size of each room, and the type of business to name a few.

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

Overall, commercial air conditioning systems need complex zoning calibrations and more extensive drainage systems than a single condensate pan to ensure the water produced from the evaporation phase does not overflow the pans.

Air Options designs and manufactures bespoke commercial air conditioning systems for a wide range of applications, ensuring that every requirement for heating and cooling commercial buildings is met.